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Air 23 Version 3.0 is finally Up!!  :)

After about nine months of planning, designing, reading, clicking, cursing, and postponing, I'm happy to finally upload Air 23 version 3.0. You'll notice that the design is quite different from the previous one. Instead of using an image map like the one in the previous design, I've decided to go with a navigation bar, placed on the left-hand side of every page. This will allow easy navigation on every page. 


Even though the site is up, a few sections are still under construction. The Shoe Reviews, Artwork, and Other Collections sections are yet to be redone, as I am still working on the layout for those. Most of the other main areas have been redone, with quite a lot of content. As for the Release Dates, I'm still very behind, but that will be taken care of within the next day or so. 


As you browse through the Shoe galleries, you'll notice that for each sneaker, I've taken the time to list the various product numbers, production dates, etc. along with the pictures. With number of fakes (especially Air Jordans) going around, I felt that it was important to provide a source for sneakerheads to verify the legitimacy of their future purchases. Using my personal collection and the Internet as a resource, I've tried to find as much info as I possibly could. Please note that the information listed is incomplete and I will and more production numbers/dates/etc. as I find them. If any of you guys have some that you do not see listed, feel free to email me with pics/info.


While I can't promise an update everyday, updates will definitely be more frequent (definitely not a month apart!), as I have a somewhat easier schedule, and I'm definitely more motivated to work on the site. Also, be sure to visit the STORE, as I have a much bigger selection of items to choose from now. 


One more thing, there is a HUUUUGE amount of content on the site, and while I checked for as many errors as I could, I know there'll be some that I missed. If you find any problems with the site, don't hesitate to contact me via email. I'll check the site again tomorrow to see if I can find any. In the meantime, enjoy everything that does work!!


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